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Freeing wounded people from small metal particles is a very big problem for surgeons and victims, because X-rays are physically outshining small metallic pieces as shrapnel, splinters, nails etc.

That's the reason surgeons couldn't detect them on a film or display. Not even with the best equipment. So many people have to live with the metal pieces. And later comes the danger of "wandering" in the body, making all sorts of health complications.


Freeing of invaded metal pieces is a well known, very difficult problem for victims and surgeons.

The results of this problem are many operating attempts without any or very low success. Therefore most of wounded people have to live with metal fragments for long years, despite how often trying to locate and removing them. It's not an easy task to locate irregular metal splinters in
a body with X-rays or ultra sound equipment only, because from the physically effects of outshining together with the many shadows from the bone structure also.

If using our metal locator for surgery it's a very fast and very successful process of locating and removing metal splinters, shrapnel, bullets etc.

An example: In the civil war of Yugoslavia the average operation times went from two hours down to LESS than five minutes when using our locators during or after battles with many wounded people at the same time. That naturally saved a lot of lives! The drastically reduced operating times also implied much shorter narcosis times. As surgeons said, heavy wounded people could die alone from the long influence of narcotics also and not only from metal pieces. Additional long narcotic times are a very risky factor for heavy wounded people.

The results with our locator weren't only from exactly locatings and faster removings but also from much smaller additional wounds as the usual big wounds from searching procedure without a locator. And this smaller wounds could be fixed much faster!

Another example: The top operating surgeon of an army, a general, couldn't believe such fast results. For his first personal test of our detector he selected a wounded soldier with the worst complicate medicine problem for the operation. As the complete successful operating session was finished after 15 minutes he lifted both thumbs and said: "That's it!"


So it's the perfect add-on for any X-ray or ultra sound unit when searching and removing all sorts of metal pieces in human bodies. Inclusive bone structure for locating exactly implanted nails, screws etc.

The ML-1 is simply making an audio-visual system with this low-cost aid!


This huge difference was the reason why in 1994 our first locator got one of the fastest NATO-numbers in history! Army surgeons named our locator
-------------------"the most important warfare instrument"
because more than average 90% reduction time meant the whole operation process!!

That happened with our very first locator. For more additional informations look at .

Image & sound:

It's the perfect combination for exactly locating metal in seconds! First get an overview with visual images from X-rays, than use the locator with sound. The result is a very fast and easy way for locating and removing all sorts of metal pieces.

All this without the danger of X-rays for surgeon and his patients!
Like other surgical instruments, the searching probes are
full sterilisable at 120°C/20 minutes in an autoclave!

Considerable advantages:

Fast and exact location
For invasive use
Whole human body
Smaller additional wounds
Tissue saving
Shorter healing process
Inclusive bone surgery
Shorter narcotic times / surgery
Less X-rays for surgeon & patient
Completely sterilizable probe
High location depth
Very Simple handling
Battery powered (9V-Standard block)

So why don’t use a metal locator for searching intruded metal pieces and removing them from a wounded civilian as military surgeons are doing for wounded soldiers?

This military surgeons are using such effective tool on a regularly basis during and after battles. With this little instrument most times it needed only seconds and not hours and many operations!
The essential problem with intruded or even implanted metal is to find the exact location with X-rays. So it's often a very difficult task. They need much more time when using only x-rays in case of complex positions or the wandering of metal pieces when cutting the tissue in the searching process.

Seeing a metal piece on a monitor or film, even as a pseudo three-dimensional picture, it's only an two dimensional image and not the real position!
With a locator it is very easy to find the exact place of nails, wires, splinters, bullets, shrapnel and so on. And at least the minimal cuttings of tissue is massively reducing the danger of infections with resistant bacteria (=> Charred bones or Necrosis! (dying bones))! Healing this bone infections is nearly impossible!! Only a saw is helping cutting infected bones....
The next important reason for surgeons is to avoid X-rays for themselves and to save their own health!
The dobert-ML works like a miniature mine detector. With the tone variation they can locate the exact position very fast and simple for successful removing.

The locator is made for all sorts of metal. The locating distance is more than 15 mm for a standard needle. Bigger metal pieces can be found in much larger distances.
This tool is very easy to handle, it's battery driven and completely isolated. It works with an extreme low power. it's absolutly harmless and is like a stethoscope for metal....
The complete probe inclusive cable and plug is fully autoclavable at 120°C (248°F) for 20-30 minutes.
Our experience of more than 25 years developing and producing metal detectors for surgery resulted in this new low cost product.

Mechanical data probe: 140 x 10 mm/ 5.5 x 0.4 inch (length x diameter), cable length: 1,5 meter (5 feet).

Medical class: 1.

Price for one complete unit of dobert-ML: EUR 1.395,-
Shipping costs:
European Union: EUR 25,-
Other countries: EUR 65,-
All prices are exclude. V.A.T.
Warranty time: 3 years after delivering.

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